Monday, December 31, 2012

Floral Mullet Skirts

Blazer from: TERRANOVA
Shirt from: UNIQLO 
Mullet Skirt from:Market! Market!
Sandals from: GRENDHA

British Flags and Neon Bracelets

British Shirt from: World Trade Center 
Shorts from: SM Department Store
KEDS Shoes from: World Trade Center
Accesories from: Neon Bracelets- Mustard Seed
                               One Direction Baller-

Monday, December 10, 2012

Ruffles and Satin

 This outfit is really good for occasions, especially for Christmas Parties. Here I found a way to mix ruffles and satin skirts. I thought this was a really cute outfit for 11 year old's like me.

Shirt with Ruffles: SM Department Store
Satin Skirt: SM Department Store
Bow Heels: Payless
Ring: Club Princess
Bracelet: Market! Market!

x Anika