Friday, August 30, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Half Pony Curls

1. Comb or brush your hair with a comb.
2. Lightly spray your hair with a thin cost of hairspray.
3. Divide your hair and spray one area where you want to curl it.
4. Get your rollers and put the roller in the middle portion.
5 & 6. Roll your hair around the roller.
7. Once you rolled everything up, roll the remaining part of your hair upwards.
8. You should reach the highest point you can go.
9. Twist your roller by twisting the left part into your hair, upward, and right is downward.
10. That's how it should look like! :)
11. Do that to all of your portions to your hair and keep the rollers in for 30 mins or 1 hour, oh and don't forget to spray it with hairspray!
12. Remove the rollers like you twisted the roller into your hair, but the opposite way.
13. Hairspray!
14. Get the first two small portions at the front part of your hair.
15. And make it into a half ponytail.

And you're DONE! This hairstyle reminds me of Ariana Grande and I absolutely love this one! It's so neat and girly! I hope you guys understood it, and if you haven't just comment down below!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Printed Dress

'The Printed Dress'. I couldn't think of anything else, so I made it sound so.. sophisticated? I'm not very good at making titles. Haha!

The dress is very attractive, exactly why I got it! This dress would be perfect if you wear it at a party, like a party which is dark, and then like bring a huge lighter and sway it in the air like a concert! Lol. My imagination sometimes is crazy.

I haven't used this FENDI bag in such a long time! I love how it complements the colors! I added a Peter Pan collar necklace, so my neck won't be bare (I mean who wants their neck to be Barr? Not me. Haha.) but I'm into neon kind-of colors already, especially dresses! I have been unsigned this shoes for almost every outfit! It's not too high, and not too low. 

Dress from Fab, Collar from Posh, Shoes from RUSTY LOPEZ

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Black and Stripes

I chose the background to be a bit edgy. I wanted it to look sophisticated, haha.

(Excuse my fat legs :( )

Black and stripes. Doesn't that rhyme? Well, that's the first thing I came up with. I have been abusing this gold bracelet! (Literally haha!) It almost goes with any outfit! I have been wanting to blog about this pants in like forever! I couldn't find the right time to. 

I love how this crop top goes so well with the pants! And if you were wondering, yes I do have another background, and this was in my garage! It's actually funny, cause the background looks a bit odd, but at least they will be focusing on the outfit right? Lol.

Crop top from Forever 21, Shoes from IamShoe, Bag from Chanel, Bracelet from STYLEHOOD

Monday, August 26, 2013


Doesn't this outfit just remind you of evergreens? But it is a bit odd I'm using evergreens for the example and definition. Haha! I love contrast on this dress, especially the lace part! The outfit totally matches my background! 

If you're gonna wear flats I totally recommend for you to wear black tights with this! Especially of you aren't gonna use a green bag. I recommend white or black for the bags. :)

Hype this look on lookbook! >

Bag from BELLE ROSE, Shoes from RUSTY LOPEZ, Bracelet from STYLEHOOD

Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Fail moment! :P

I finally have time to blog! Exams these days.. My twin and I recently attended a fashion show, and there was a ton traffic! I even slept through it. (which rarely happends) I had to wear rollers in the car! Lol! It was a bit of a hassle on the way their, but we made it eventually!

This is a bit different for me since I normally don't wear boots, I was supposed to wear black heels with this outfit, but I went shopping for a bit and got these instead! You can never say no to diamonds and spikes haha. I'm obsessed with my CELINE bag! I have been abusing it lately! :P

When everyone was gone (we had to stay for a while) my sister and I had some fun on the ramp! That's why there's pictures haha!

Shoes and Pants from: ZARA

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Black Meets White (Origami Shorts!)

Ahhhh! Printed shorts! Black and white are definitely the trending colors this season! They never go out of style, but they definitely made a huge trend this year!


Baby doll shoes! 

Layered sheer tops and shorts are a perfect pair! Especially when it's printed! 2013 is surely a good year of fashion trends. The shoes I'm wearing, well, I don't really know what they are called, but I like to call them 'baby doll shoes'. Pair these shoes with frilly socks, and they will look really cute and vintage.

I would pair this outfit with a short gold or bronze necklace, same for the arm candy! Also thanks my wonderful twin for letting me borrow your shoes! <3

Shorts: Kirin Kirin, Bracelet: GH (you can get a similar one from pinkbox!), Shoes: JADA SHOES