Friday, August 30, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Half Pony Curls

1. Comb or brush your hair with a comb.
2. Lightly spray your hair with a thin cost of hairspray.
3. Divide your hair and spray one area where you want to curl it.
4. Get your rollers and put the roller in the middle portion.
5 & 6. Roll your hair around the roller.
7. Once you rolled everything up, roll the remaining part of your hair upwards.
8. You should reach the highest point you can go.
9. Twist your roller by twisting the left part into your hair, upward, and right is downward.
10. That's how it should look like! :)
11. Do that to all of your portions to your hair and keep the rollers in for 30 mins or 1 hour, oh and don't forget to spray it with hairspray!
12. Remove the rollers like you twisted the roller into your hair, but the opposite way.
13. Hairspray!
14. Get the first two small portions at the front part of your hair.
15. And make it into a half ponytail.

And you're DONE! This hairstyle reminds me of Ariana Grande and I absolutely love this one! It's so neat and girly! I hope you guys understood it, and if you haven't just comment down below!

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