Saturday, March 23, 2013

Summer Love

We all know Summer is always hot and sunny. I was thinking, some people go to cold places! But we all know, where we are all going, we need some jackets and socks. Here's a way, to make it cute.

I combined, everything which I though looked cute, I combined lace, hearts, flowers and socks. And they looked cute altogether! With some pastel colors on the skirt I'm wearing, made everything better! Especially pink. I love pink.

Beanies are also in style as you saw on my last blog post. Called: New Trend: Beanies. You can pair it with white, gray or black. You can also wear those French bonnets.

Goodluck and Happy Summer Vacation!

Skirt from: Orange Juice

Top from: Blush
Jacket from: BAYO
Beanie from: THE GC SHOP (