Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Nails

Lately I have been obsessed with nail art..

So I made this nails! The theme, was actually kind of hip and mix and match. So I put a selection of crosses, vintage flowers, polka dots and the Union Jack flag. And you may notice, all of these are the new trend on clothes, nails etc.

I also pick some pastel/ summery (yes I made up this word.) colors.

So I'm gonna teach you guys, how to make your own nail art theme.

1. So first, go on the web to look for some inspiration, like I did. So, compile all the nail designs you like. Try to pick at least 1 design for each nail, if you would like you could make 'Mix & Match' nails like I did.

2. Next, combine colors. You could combine pastel colors for that summer feeling.

3. Once your done with everything, you can either go to a salon and present them a picture you want your nails to look like, or if you have nail art tools (dotting tools, various nail polishes, etc.) you can make them by yourself.

*Note: You may search on YouTube for tutorials.*

4. Once your done with everything, make sure you put some nice topcoat to give it that beautiful shine.

5. And your done! Have fun with your nails, and take pictures to make it last longer!