Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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Helloooooo guys! You may now contact me through my email for any questions, advertisements (coming soon!) and sponsorships! :)

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Thank you so much for all the support!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

1 Minute Makeup Routine ♥

I decided to make a video of my makeup routine! It's only 1 minute! :o Lol. But it's nothing really special, I'm not very fond of wearing very expensive makeup. I love wearing Loreal, and Maybelline! Especially MAC, but I didn't have any time to stock up. :(

All the products will be listed below! <3

(If you can't see the video here's the link! <3 1 Minute Makeup Routine (

Blush: Fanny Serano , Brush: Beauty Bar, Palladio, Mascara (Both): Chedelyn Cosmetics, Lipstick: Maybelline

Friday, July 19, 2013

Yay For Lace!

Yay for Lace! I absolutely LOVE lace! Not only the texture, but also the print!

I found a way to pair these cute, er, 'Pencil Skirt' kind..? Haha, I don't really know if this called a pencil skirt cause it isn't really long, but lets stick to 'Pencil Skirt' lol.

So I paired the skirt with a white see through lace top, since the print is exactly the same! And added a lace bow! Bows before bro's right? ;)

If you guys are wondering, I got this skirt from the Supersale Bazaar in the World Trade Center tent! But sadly, it ended :(, but there's gonna be another one on October! Yay! 

Yay for armpit poses! Hahaha!

Shirt: Blush, Bow: Claire's, Shoes: Rusty Lopez

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm finally wearing pants!


If you guys noticed, I'm not very fond of wearing pants, since I decided to go to skirts, dress etc. So when I wore my skinny jeans, it was quite tight.. Well, you can't blame skinny jeans!

And I realized it's been a while since I wore pants! And it's the perfect combination! 

I have awkward pictures here, because of the pants lol! And I don't really wear pants, since I don't really have a butt :(

So, I recently got this adorable owl ring from Vogue District! Check out their instagram! @voguedistrictclothing. In love with it! I love the embellishments, on it! And I'm obsessed over it!

I love this bow peplum top, my favorite part that it's backless!

Also, check out my twin sister blog! <3

Skinny Jeans: Lee Cooper, Velvet Heels: So FAB!, Owl Ring: Vogue District

Floral and Denim Twins!

Me and Amira have been recently obsessed with dresses! We love, floral, lace or anything elegant! We also attended the 'Supersale Bazaar' at the World Trade Center! On the last day, Midnight Cinderella's gave us free tickets!

I absolutely love this combination, it's simple yet so chic! If you guys are wondering, yes, me and Amira are twins haha, and we do always dress the same! :)

Visit my sister's blog!

Denim Jacket: Local Celebrity Manila, Micheal Kors Watch: Midnight Cinderella's, Necklace: Forever 21

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

So, I finally got to go to the new cupcake place everyone is raving about called, the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery! It was better that I expected! The presentation is amazing, the place is like you're in a little dollhouse! It's a very beautiful place. It's really pleasing to the eyes!

Each cupcake normally costs 65 pesos to 100 pesos. So it's a bit cheap, but totally worth it! The hot chocolate I ordered is 50 pesos. 

I felt like I was in a Barbie dollhouse! You guys know I love anything cute, or pink!

The plates and forks prints are almost like Cath Kidston! <3

I definitely recommend it there! <3

Oh, and the bakery is located at Alabang Town Center, 2nd floor above Starbucks! They have branches in Glorrieta, Alabang and Trinoma! Go visit them there!

More about my outfit :

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tea Time!

So, I finally got to take pictures of this beautiful outfit! Now, I bet you guys are wondering, why is it called 'Tea Time!'?

Well, I obviously went to a tea themed cafe! I recently visited the 'Vanilla Cupcake Bakery' in Alabang Town Center. And it was amazing! Their cupcakes are very creamy, and just right! I really recommended the Vanilla Cupcake, and Red Velvet.

Now, to get on with the outfit.

Oh, and I will be blogging about the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in a different post! <3

Top from: FOREVER 21
Skater Skirt from: (you guessed it) COTTON ON
Céline bag from: Céline
Shoes from: TORY BURCH

Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh, Boy.

So, recently, I am obsessed with 'BOY LONDON' brand. And I have been obsessed with clothes, well almost everything. I love the color back, and it's just simple and edgy. I wanted my look to look, edgy, a bit chic, and punky? But girly at the same time.

'Statement Tees' are in the trend right now, same with muscle tees and cropped tops. 'Statement Tees' are like shirts with cute designs or 'hipster' designs, and everyone wears them!

So I paired the 'BOY LONDON' tee, with my favorite skater skirt from COTTON ON, and they have the comfiest and best clothes ever. No lie. I aslo paired it with my studded bag, to have a edgier look, and paired, it with my favorite velvet black wedges.

It's a bit laid back and edgy at the same time, girly.

Oh, and if you guys noticed, yes I added my watermark. Should I keep it or not? Comment suggestions!

Skater Skirt from: COTTON ON
Heels from: SO Fab!
Studded bag from: hdy