Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh, Boy.

So, recently, I am obsessed with 'BOY LONDON' brand. And I have been obsessed with clothes, well almost everything. I love the color back, and it's just simple and edgy. I wanted my look to look, edgy, a bit chic, and punky? But girly at the same time.

'Statement Tees' are in the trend right now, same with muscle tees and cropped tops. 'Statement Tees' are like shirts with cute designs or 'hipster' designs, and everyone wears them!

So I paired the 'BOY LONDON' tee, with my favorite skater skirt from COTTON ON, and they have the comfiest and best clothes ever. No lie. I aslo paired it with my studded bag, to have a edgier look, and paired, it with my favorite velvet black wedges.

It's a bit laid back and edgy at the same time, girly.

Oh, and if you guys noticed, yes I added my watermark. Should I keep it or not? Comment suggestions!

Skater Skirt from: COTTON ON
Heels from: SO Fab!
Studded bag from: hdy

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