Monday, June 17, 2013

Horizontal and Vertical Stripes

I am OBSESSED with this outfit! So I recently went on a shopping spree at Forever 21, and I was in love with this combination. 

This would look good with a high, sleek ponytail. And pair it with a captain's hat, so you can be a sailor. Haha!

So the shirt is horizontal, and the shorts are vertical, obviously. Lol

I paired it with my favorite blue Keds, and this would look great with some Pinkbow accessories! (In my opinion though. lol)

I really liked this look, and it's my favorite! ( excuse my dark knees. Lol)

Top from: FOREVER 21
Shorts from: FOREVER 21
Bag from: MANGO
Shoes from: Keds
Bracelet from: Cartier

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