Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Birth of Black and White Wacky Faces aka Black and White Headshots

So, recently I just had a photoshoot with my twin sister, Amira! (Her link of her blog will be down below!) and I was really inspired by some photos, which are headshots!

 'So why not, have a black and white one, with wacky faces' I thought.

This was a really fun photoshoot, this was so far my favorite one!

I collaged some photos so, it would be easier to post. ;)

And here are some photos, of my twin's!

And so far this is my favorite picture of my twin.

She's adorable! Haha, she might kill me for this! (:

Makeup: Sissy :)

Twins blog! - amiraaquino.blogspot.com 

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