Friday, July 19, 2013

Yay For Lace!

Yay for Lace! I absolutely LOVE lace! Not only the texture, but also the print!

I found a way to pair these cute, er, 'Pencil Skirt' kind..? Haha, I don't really know if this called a pencil skirt cause it isn't really long, but lets stick to 'Pencil Skirt' lol.

So I paired the skirt with a white see through lace top, since the print is exactly the same! And added a lace bow! Bows before bro's right? ;)

If you guys are wondering, I got this skirt from the Supersale Bazaar in the World Trade Center tent! But sadly, it ended :(, but there's gonna be another one on October! Yay! 

Yay for armpit poses! Hahaha!

Shirt: Blush, Bow: Claire's, Shoes: Rusty Lopez

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