Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Fail moment! :P

I finally have time to blog! Exams these days.. My twin and I recently attended a fashion show, and there was a ton traffic! I even slept through it. (which rarely happends) I had to wear rollers in the car! Lol! It was a bit of a hassle on the way their, but we made it eventually!

This is a bit different for me since I normally don't wear boots, I was supposed to wear black heels with this outfit, but I went shopping for a bit and got these instead! You can never say no to diamonds and spikes haha. I'm obsessed with my CELINE bag! I have been abusing it lately! :P

When everyone was gone (we had to stay for a while) my sister and I had some fun on the ramp! That's why there's pictures haha!

Shoes and Pants from: ZARA

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