Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pastel Overload

This reminds me of the song Mambo Number 5! A little bit of Sandra in the sun! ;) Lol! I really like this outfit though! And I absolutely love pastels! I'm sorry for the awkward pictures haha!


I really love my bubblegum skater skirt from DSDRTM! Or Desidaratum, I'm not very good a spelling :P

You guys know that I'm obsessed with pastels! Or anything elegant, really, haha, but I have been using the word 'obsessed' quite lately..

This outfit basically describes my mood everyday! And the weather lately! This would be perfect for going on a walk, or for family day, like going to the Fort!

My Abby Jocson bag and my Ever New iPad case are basically the highlights of my outfit! 

iPad case: Ever New, Bag: Abby Jocson, Skirt: DSDRTM, Bow: Claire's, Shoes: IamSHOE

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